String Theory

I have this notion that the things that happen to us in life happen for a reason. A notion that they are somehow preordained to occur so that we may find in life opportunities to learn about our inner selves and the truth of the world in which we inhabit.

Ridiculous, you may say. Irrational! Unsubstantiable! Etc., etc. etc….

Regardless of the undeniably abstract and intangible nature of this idea, I still believe it to be true.

Perhaps, my most compelling evidence in support of this supposition is that each year the events, people, patterns and trends of my life have taught me valuable lessons. Though I am still young, each day has brought new inspiration, desperation, revelation and truth.

It might be more rational to say “But of course! You live- you learn.” As human evolution clearly indicates, we must learn from and adapt to our environment to survive. As society suggests, you must make order out of chaos in order to avoid going insane. It follows, then, that the details of our lives happen and we must respond to them thoughtfully and intentionally. None of this, however, suggests that any of the facets of life happen just for me.

Well, I think that the nuances of life have meaning and purpose because I choose to give them meaning and purpose. They needn’t be purposeful for anyone else and they don’t have to help anyone else discover who and what they are.

My world, is made up of vibrating strings. It’s a complex interaction of a multitude of vibrating strings that vary in frequency and orientation. This is not just imagery- it’s string theory. And it delves into more complex facets of quantum mechanics than I could ever possibly hope to understand. Nonetheless, this fundamental “theory of everything” allows me to visualize my life in this world. It is an interwoven mass of strands vibrating at frequencies sometimes beautifully harmonious and at others times tortuously abrasive. Sometimes it hums and sometimes it belts  the tones that will resonate in my life.

I believe that to see meaning in these amalgamous melodies, I must listen.

From these chords, I will find the meaning that the universe wants me to find in life. Or rather, the meaning that I want the universe to provide me to help me achieve happiness. After all, isn’t that what really matters?

This blog represents my attempt to listen and learn from my life. To reflect upon what I sense, feel, thing and seek to figure out what meanings I can derive from the universe. My mission is my own, but who knows? Perhaps I’ll even be able to say a thing or two to encourage others to learn as well, in their own way.


Originally published June 6, 2013

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