My Educational Philosophy

Education, as both a process and an establishment, is an inextricable part of my identity.

The child of two teachers, my worldview has been moulded by experiences afforded me through the American public and international schools that I have attended. These institutions provided the knowledge necessary for me to understand the world and the motivation to connect with it. Diverse host communities fostered my love for exploring places and ideas through cultural and ideological lenses vastly different from my own. My parents and my inherent passions have lead me to become a teacher myself.

I believe that education is a powerful tool for social progress. Schools serve a key function in our society: providing individuals with the capabilities they need to make informed choices and engage meaningfully with their surroundings. ย School, however, is not the only place in which this happens. ย “Learning” is an amorphous and intangible thing. It happens in classrooms and in stadiums, on stages and on construction sites, through trial and through error. ย It also happens despite intention and despite preoccupation.

My goal as an educator is to understand when and why effective learning happens so that I can promote it within myself and in others. Moreover, to inquire into the world to discern reasons compelling individuals to make meaningful contributions. Through this process, I hope to solidify my own ambitions and encourage others as well.